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The shape and size of the spout main thing is the difference between a mixer in the kitchen of his brother in the bathroom — is the size of the water jet and the shape of the spout. Here, the water jet should fall as closely as possible to the center of the bottom of the sink to avoid splashing and that beneath it was convenient to wash dishes, to collect water in large containers. Lifting height spout tap is selected taking into account the cleaning depth: the lower the nose, the deeper must be the cup. With its low construction will be extremely inconvenient to wash large dishes. When planting is too high the water will spray out. Therefore, many manufacturers produce a series with the inclusion of sinks, faucets and accessories.

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Modern model with retractable spout In recent years there have been many modifications smesiteleydlya kitchen with pull-out spout (with shower), which differ in a number of advantages of simple models. Firstly, they allow for regulation of water supply to the jet to change direction and its height. Secondly, a mixer with a shower kitchen equipped with a special hose and watering can, water spray extends the range, suitable for use in car washes with a few bowls. This nozzle is useful for washing vegetables, a large number of dishes, and cleaning of housing. Retractable mixer has in its structure an additional handset, which comes into the cavity of the spout at the closing, and when you open it lengthens, reducing the chance of water splashing.

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Materials for the manufacture of materials for the manufacture of kitchen mixers are: metals and alloys — nickel, steel, brass, bronze; ceramics; Granite (such mixers complement the granite sink); plastic. The best kitchen faucet are those whose internal elements are made of ceramics and housing — metal. Inside them are not mineral deposits are laid, they are resistant to moisture, have a long service life. Plastic, from which are made some models of mixers, resistant to aggressive media and corrosion, but the strength and durability inferior ceramics and metal. The surface of the mixer is stainless, chrome and «bronze.» Mistresses know that the shiny surface of stainless steel can be seen over the dried droplets of water pollution and so much more practical for the kitchen, from this point of view, chrome or bronze faucet and, in addition, these shades look better in the interiors of modern kitchens.

Review of the leading manufacturers If you make a rating of the most popular in the domestic market of foreign manufacturers of faucets for the kitchen, it will look as follows: Oras (Finland); Grohe, Hansgrohe, (Germany); Damixa (Denmark); Vidima (Bulgaria); Hansa (Germany); Gustavsberg (Sweden); Jacob Delafon (France).